Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive, Flash Drive and Media Destruction Solutions

Degaussing, deleting and erasing computer hard drives, flash drives and media aren’t always enough to protect your privacy and don’t always work. That can leave financial institutions (and their clients) vulnerable to financial loss, reputation damage, fines and lawsuits. Our hard drive destruction service completely destroys the hard drive making it impossible for thieves to recover your sensitive information. Felder Shredding offers piece of mind with your sensitive data.

Felder Shredding has been providing solutions for commercial enterprises and non-profits in secure hard drive and media destruction for many years. Through this experience, we have adapted our methods to match the most advanced in the industry. Our employees are carefully screened with extensive background checks before being entrusted with your hard drive or any other data. Two employees are responsible for each partner’s hard drives until they are properly and lawfully destroyed.