Document Shredding

Shredding Fraud, Identity Theft and Financial Loss

Felder Shredding offers reliable document shredding services, both off-site and on-site. We specialize in providing customized services to meet each company’s privacy needs. Whether privacy is needed for a patient, a business’ client or for delicate insider company information, sensitive information is protected using strict processes required by government regulations. To ensure safety for your company, our employees are carefully screened with a background check before they are entrusted with your data.

The mobile Felder Shredding trucks can shred thousands of pounds of paper, on-site each hour – a quick, convenient, and efficient way of getting rid of sensitive data. Business owners can consult Felder Shredding regarding the specific scope and size of the project. We work with each partner to determine the types of services required, how many containers are needed, and where the containers should be placed.  All of our solutions are designed to be unique and always cost-effective.

To further provide peace of mind, a certificate of the destruction is issued to each partner after we have completed the entire document shredding services required. After the documents have been securely shredded, we properly dispose or recycle.


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